Good Morning Love Text Messages: 12 Lovely SMS Messages to Send to Your Loved One

good morning love text messagesWhat a better way to start the day than receiving a lovely good morning sms message? But there is something even better – sending good morning love text messages to the one you love! Here several great sms messages to send to your loved one in the morning when you are apart or even when you are together:

– “I know just how a perfect day should begin… with this message on your mobile! Good morning sweetheart, have a wonderful day! =)”

– “I had my coffee… I read the newspaper… but something was still missing… and I realized I miss your cute yawn when you wake up =) Good morning darling!”

– “I am thinking of you and I wish you a great day =)”

– “I had this dream last night… the sun peaked in the roo… and saw you in my arms… =) Good morning sweetheart!”

– “I wish I could make you breakfast in bed this morning… but instead I’m sending you a cup of hot kisses, a plate of warm hugs and a spoon of sweet smiles =) Good morning my dear, wish you have a fabulous day!”

– “It’s a new day and nobody knows what it will bring us… wait! I know! More love and happiness together =) Good morning my love, have a great day!”

– “The only reason I love waking up so early is that I’ll have more time to think of you =) Good morning!”

– “Anyone can slay a dragon, but try waking up every morning and loving the word all over again… I do that only because of you! Love you and wish you a wonderful day!”

– “I know it’s too early but… do me a favor… Look at the sun and you’ll see me smiling and feel the love I have for you… Good morning my dear, have a fabulous day! =)”

– “Here is a kiss to brighten up your day! Thinking of you alread…=)”

– “Wake up you sleepy head! It’s time to hug me and wish me good morning =)”

– “I watched the sunrise toda… It was nothing compared to you! Good morning my love, wish you a day full of happy thoughts about me =)”

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