Love SMS for Boyfriend: Strategies to Make Him Crave You

love sms for boyfriendIf you are looking for a simple yet effective way to invite romance back into your life, you should definitely try text message flirting. Contrary on what you may think, text message flirting is not only for those looking for something casual; by sending little love messages to your boyfriend or husband, you can spruce up your love life, recover from a rough patch or  simply invite more romance and passion into your relationship. But, in order for any of this to happen, you should know how to write the perfect love sms for boyfriend.

Coming up with a short, witty and flirtatious text message that conveys your thoughts and feelings is not always easy. Moreover, any love sms for boyfriend should not only “inform” him how you feel; it must light up his passion and make him crave you… And just like with everything else in love, there are certain strategies that guarantee success.

The easiest way to master the art of text message flirting is to read “Text Romance Back”. It offers numerous simple yet very effective strategies that will make your man want you more than ever! The book offers various examples and tips that will help you to create the best love sms for boyfriend and teach you how to make your loved one crave you with nothing but your thumbs.

Clearly, the exact text message flirting strategy you will try depends on your goals. Are you looking for some fun? Perhaps your relationship has become too boring? Or may be none of you have time to do anything romantic? For each of these scenarios, you need a slightly different texting strategy. But there is one that works irrespective of the exact situation. Here is what you can do:

– Send a flirty message with ellipsis at the end to attract his attention. You can write something like “I can’t get this idea out of my head…” or “I can’t help but think about…”

– As you can guess, the above message will provoke him to text you back. He is very likely to ask “What idea?” or “About what?”

– At this point you need to send a message that best conveys your feelings/desires. If you are only looking to make him feel special or just to let him know that you are thinking about him, send an appreciation message. If you want to get “dirty”, go for a provocative sms message such as “How incredible/strong/irresistible you are… and how much I want to…” Obviously, such a message will set his imagination on fire and make him think about you for the rest of the day/night!

There are hundreds of other way to come up with a great love sms for boyfriend.

I highly recommend you to check out “Text Romance Back” for yourself and see how sending these little text messages can make a dramatic change in your love life.

More Love SMS for Boyfriend Examples:

You: “It is really weird…”
Your partner: “What is so weird?”
You: “How I can’t get that fantasy of you and me… together… out of my head…=)”

You: “You really have to stop…”
Your partner: “Stop??”
You: “… yes, stop… every time I think of you, you take my breath away… I may soon die if you keep on doing that =)”

You: “I can’t wait to see you tonight…”
Your partner: “Oh =) Why?”
You: “Because I want to…”



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