The Perfect Love SMS for Girlfriend: 3 Tips to Melt Her Heart With a Single Text Message

love sms for girlfriendIf you have a girlfriend, wife… a secret lover, then a little sms message may be the right tool to melt her heart. But creating the perfect love sms for girlfriend is not an easy task: you need to know how to come up with a text message that will get her motor running and make her crave you.

Writing flirtatious and engaging sms messages that build attraction is an art. Just like any other form of communication, there are certain rules and strategies you should follow as well as things you need to avoid, in order to create the most effective text messages. But the beauty of text message flirting is that you can master it in no time!

Now, wait. I know what you are thinking “Yeah, sure, writing the perfect love sms for girlfriend a piece of cake…” But I say it because I’ve been there: every time I wanted to show my affection with a love sms, I was only able to come up with some goofy text messages and I soon gave up the whole idea altogether. Well, that was until I found a fantastic guide that showed me what I have been doing wrong, gave me some great love sms for girlfriend ideas and most importantly, gave me all the tools I need to create my very own flirtatious text messages.

I bet you are eager to find out what the name of this book is. OK, I am going to tell you but first, let me share with you the top three tips that will help you create love sms for girlfriend that will melt her heart instantly:

– Go for quality rather than quantity. In other words, use short sms messages instead of long ones and avoid texting her too often. You can write “If only you were here now…” and it will be far more effective than writing “I really want to see you, I really love you and miss you so much”.

– Mind your language. Women perceive romance way differently than men. Although both of you may want the same thing, using inappropriate language and being too pushy may drive her away.

– Don’t be afraid to share your feelings. In general, talking about emotions is complicated for most men. But sharing your emotions with your loved one is a powerful aphrodisiac and certainly a great idea for creating the perfect love sms for girlfriend.

So, as promised, here is the title of the book that thought me how to transform my love life by sending the right flirtation text messages at the right time: Text The Romance Back by Michael Fiore.

I highly recommend you to check out “Text The Romance Back” for yourself and see how sending these little text messages can make a dramatic change in your love life.

More Love SMS for Girlfriend Examples:

You: “I was sooo busy last night…”
Your partner: “Really? Doing what?=)”
You: “Matching starts with reasons for loving you… but I ran out of stars so I wonder what I’ll be busy with tonight…=)”

You: “I need to warn you…”
Your partner: “Oh, what’s up?”
You: “If you kiss me once more the way you kissed me last night, I will be your forever…=)”

You: “I know distance decides how deeper love is between us but…”
Your partner: “But what?”
You: “…nothing… can’t stop thinking of you… wish you were here =)”



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