5 Sweet Text Messages to Send to a Girl

sweet text messagesYou can melt any girl’s heart with a single text message. How? Check out the following examples of sweet text messages to send to a girl and see for yourself.

1. “My colleagues think I am crazy…” Wait for her to ask why and reply “Because every time I think of you, I can’t stop smiling =)” A creative text message that you can send anytime you’d like to remind her of your feelings.

2. “You are in my mind every second of the day… can’t wait to see your smile/eyes again…=)” One of the safest bets in text message flirtation: it shows your emotions and sets the right tone for arranging your next date.

3. “I was thinking…” As with example #1, wait for her to respond and text her back “I was just thinking how lucky I am to have you in my life.” You can focus on just about any positive trait your loved one has – her eyes, the smell of her hair, how caring she is and so on.

4. “I wish you were here so I can…” Once she replies, you have two choices: send her a sensual compliment (“Look into your beautiful eyes again and hear your laughter…”) or get a bit “dirty” (“Feel your soft lips and…”). Which way you will choose to go pretty much depends on the stage of your relationship and your goals. Option #1 is one of the sweet text messages to send to a girl when you want to make a compliment; option #2 is great if you are looking for a casual relationship or if you want to bring back the spark in your love life.

5. “I wish you were here so I can…” Clearly, this is a sensual opener that is only appropriate if you have a somehow serious relationship. It is a great text message to send to your partner when you want to have some digital foreplay.

Coming up with sweet text messages to send to a girl is really easy. Of course, there are certain rules you need to follow, if you want to harvest the full benefits of text message flirting. After all, women perceive love and romance in a slightly different way than men.

But you can become a real expert in no time; all you need to do is I did: use “Text The Romance Back” program. Since I’ve read this book, I coming up with sweet text messages to send to a girl is no longer a challenge.

I highly recommend you to check out “Text The Romance Back” for yourself and see how sending these little text messages can make a dramatic change in your love life.

More Sweet Text Messages:

You: “I think my life is perfect…”
Your partner: “Oh, really? =)”
You: “Yes, because you are in it =)”

You: “I was thinking…”
Your partner: “About what?”
You: “I never told you just how much I love you… how much I appreciate your care and affection… you are the best thing that’s happened to me”

You: “I think I need to contact my insurance provider…”
Your partner: “Why??”
You: “My life is worth more now when you are in it =)”



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